The MMO 5th National Gathering **discussion thread**

Just like it says, meets and events
He was concentrating, I thought he was just adding up in his head. :D

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Merry Christmas to one and all....... well there are a few I may wish something else to :raz:
Just remember, I either know or can find out, where you all live.
Al, keep that space in your abode free for 2018, you know you won't regret it....sweet cheeks ;)
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Happy Christmas to you too jim.
It will be a duller place next year without your sparkling repartee.
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Hey Jim...ever thought about having your own special "Scotts invite all MMO forum members" up for a special short we unlucky members south of the border can attend,as a group.
It would certainly be a change.

"What goes around-comes around"

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