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Has anyone ever seen or had a photo of the mod offered by the factory for wider-opening doors? I understand that doors could be ordered that opened outwards right up against the front wing, circa 180 degrees. Never seen one and wondered how they did it.


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I think they just adjusted the door retainer, wound right out,,possibly a thinner rubber bump stop,

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I did think about that as a possibility, the later cars all had a larger angle of opening to the early Lowlights, or so it seems. If a M1000 door goes much beyond 100 degrees then it will foul the rear edge of the front wing so they must have done something else to get the door to go further. Nothing in the BMC parts book to suggest how it was designed to work but one of the books I read referred to a door design that went right round. Maybe it was just 100 degrees and someone mis-reported it?.
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I have seen a photograph of the wide opening doors offered but never seen one in real life - and the photo didn't offer any explanation of how this had been achieved unfortunately :x . The door was indeed opened fully 180degrees. It was obviously to help the occupant slide across from a wheelchair.
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